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Roots blower vacuum feeding device


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Roots blower vacuum feeding device

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The vacuum system mainly uses a vacuum type Roots blower (or vacuum pump) to generate a vacuum in the sealed pipe, and the air flow is lower than the external atmospheric pressure, through the nozzle (or the star type feed valve and the mixed acceleration chamber unit). The material is mixed with air and sucked along the conveying pipe to a cyclone separator (commonly known as Shakron) for gas-solid separation to realize material transportation from a low point or a plurality of points at a high point to a high point.
The characteristics of the conveying method are;
1. It is possible to take materials from several places and transport them to one place.
2. It is suitable for the transportation of materials with a wide stacking surface or deep in the lower part.
3. As long as there is an air intake, it is easy to extend the pipe into some narrow places (such as the lower part of the hopper) and suck the material for transportation.
4. During the conveying process, the material is not leaked, no dust is flying, no environmental problems occur, and the feeding device is relatively simple.
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