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Polyethylene-propylene (polyester) waterproof membrane production line


Product name

Polyethylene-propylene (polyester) waterproof membrane production line

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Product description
This production line uses a flat film head extruder to extrude PE (polyethylene) pellet material (polypropylene or polyester fabric) at a time, which can replace the secondary heating composite machine. The products produced by this equipment can not be drum, no warping, dense bonding, stable performance, reliable quality, and fully meet or exceed the GB18173.1-2006 standard. At the same time, the equipment also has the advantages of high degree of automation, low power consumption, low labor, and low cost of the produced coil.
The design of the equipment fully considers the characteristics of compactness, convenient operation and strong adaptability while ensuring the product quality in the production process. The electrical control system selects the products of famous domestic famous brand enterprises to ensure the service life of the equipment. Reduce the daily maintenance and costs of users.
 Polymer polyethylene polyester waterproof membrane products are used in various types of office buildings, commercial residential buildings, basements, bathrooms, water conservancy, grain storage, bridges and other anti-seepage and waterproof projects.
HY-1200-500kg/h product weight 200g/m2, 300g/m2, 400g/m2, 500g/m2, 800g/m2
Product width 1200mm, 2000mm, 3000mm production line speed 0-5m/min
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