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Modified asphalt colloid mill

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Modified asphalt colloid mill modification difficulty and stability deterioration, so to ensure good modification effect, in addition to adding modifiers, SBS modified asphalt colloid mill must also ensure that the modifier in the modified asphalt does not The separation and the particle size of the modifier meet the colloidal requirements, which requires the production of modified asphalt equipment with powerful shearing and grinding functions. Colloidal grinding with excellent performance is the key equipment for the success of modified asphalt production.
Characteristics of modified asphalt colloid mill:
1. It has strong mixing and homogenization, dispersing and emulsifying ability and super 1 strong crushing and grinding and crushing conveying function.
2. All parts of the machine head are made of forged and finished. The quality of the modified asphalt colloid mill is absolutely free of castings.
3. The motor adopts high-quality motors such as ordinary type and explosion-proof type to ensure no quality problems for long-term use.
4, the rotating stator can be nitriding treatment or osmotic tungsten treatment, modified asphalt colloid mill, modified asphalt colloid mill, enhance the surface hardness, to achieve corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
5, has a strong transport capacity, lift up to 40 meters, modified asphalt colloid mill instructions, continuous operation and intermittent operation does not affect the life of equipment.
6, the gap can be adjusted, the adjustment distance is 0.01 ~ 2mm, the smallest 1 degree of refinement can reach 0.5μm.
7, using mechanical water-cooled high-temperature double-sided alloy seal, as long as there is no problem with the sealed coolant overflow idling.
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