Shandong shengxin machinery co., LTD. (formerly known as shouguang shengxin waterproof machinery co., LTD.) is located in taitou industrial park, shouguang city, shandong

province, a beautiful vegetable town. The company was established in 2000, now covers

an area of more than 30 mu, has a modern standard workshop of more than 6000 square

meters, has a professional production and processing equipment 20. The company has more than 100 professional installation team, professional technical personnel 20. In recent years, the company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with various

professional colleges and universities, from the initial product design, production, electrical

equipment configuration to the final product offline can be completed independently. 

ShengXin Machinery


Good materials, good performance, good products and ten years of technical team to serve our customers.

Asphalt flue gas treatment equipment

Double-sided sand waterproof coil production line

Automatic batching system

1 meter waterproof coil production line

Our trading partners are all over the world, main markets: Europe, South America, Africa, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, and so on.

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Address: shouguang taitou industrial park

Telephone: +86-0536-5522566 / +86-13864696080



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Waterproof coil production equipment features
SBS waterproofing membrane is impregnated and coated with bitumen modified with styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) thermoplastic elastomer.
Waterproof mechanical coil welding and coil closing, sealing
For large-surface waterproof mechanical coil welding, automatic welding machines should be used as much as possible.
Waterproof mechanical coil transport installation
High density polyethylene is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin.
Waterproof mechanical equipment coil waterproof surface detailing
Waterproof mechanical equipment The waterproof surface of some coils is mostly in the form of curved concentrated expression, and is also easily overlooked, but these parts are prone to cracking and lead to leakage.

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